Scheduler Scalability

Scalable Scheduling Call for Participation

Implementation of a multi-queue scheduler(Updated: April 9, 2001)

Implementation of CPU Pooling and Loadbalancing extensions to the MQ

Implementation of a priority queue scheduler

Patches which implement the above schedulers are available under the "Latest File Releases" section of the LSE Project Page.

OLS 2001 Scheduler Paper

"Enhancing Linux Scheduler Scalability" Published Paper (PostScript format) Presentation Slides

ALS 2001 Scheduler Paper

"CPU Pooling and Load Balancing for Linux MultiQueue Scheduling" aka

"PMQS: Scalable Linux Scheduling for Highend Servers" Published Paper (PostScript format)

Somewhat dated Results
See published papers for more results

Other Contributions

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Davide Libenzi's Scheduler Stuff

Enterprise Workload and Resource Management homepage

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