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Ottawa Linux Symposium 2002 dcache paper and slides

Scalability of the Directory Entry Cache Paper Paper

Presentation slides of the paper Presentation Slides

Fast-Walking lockstat results running dbench with 16 clients on 8-way

Fast Walk Patch on 2.5.5-dj2: fast_walkA3-2.5.5-dj2.patch .

lockstat results for 255-dj2 clean .

lockstat results for 255-dj2 patched with fast-walk .

lockstat results for 2.4.17 clean .

lockstat results for 2.4.17 patched with fast-walk .

Lockmeter results on 2.4.17, 2.5.3, 2.5.5 running dbench 16 on 8-way

lockmeter results for 2.4.17 clean . lockmeter results for 2.5.3 clean . lockmeter results for 2.5.5 clean . lockmeter results with Al Viro's priority change on 2.5.5 .

Read-Copy Update Mutual Exclusion

Read-Copy Update is a Two-phase Update Method for Mutual Exclusion in Linux that allows avoiding of the overheads of spin-waiting locks.

Data Dependency and wmb()

Some CPUs don't support synchronous invalidation in hardware. Some solutions to work around this.

SGI Lockmeter

We currently recommend the use of the lockmeter tool to measure lock hold times. More information can be found here

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