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The mission of the Linux Kernel Performance Team is making Linux better by improving Linux kernel performance, with special emphasis on SMP scalability. 

  • Make Linux kernel run faster
  • Identify bottlenecks and improve scalability in the Linux Kernel
  • Develop patches for improving performance/scalability
  • Provide a rational and scientific approach to performance analysis

We measure, analyze, and improve the performance and scalability of the Linux kernel, focusing on platform-independent issues. To accomplish the mission and to achieve our goals, we use benchmarks selected to provide coverage for workloads that align with IBM's Linux strategy and with the objectives of the Linux Technology and Solutions Center (LT&SC): scalable data center, carrier space and web server workloads. In addition, we provide coverage for testing and exposing performance issues related to specific Linux kernel components, such as the disk I/O subsystem.


  • See results reported in each benchmark.



Linux Kernel Performance Team